Good Gifts*

O, Child of Peace, across this night,
Within our hearts is all made right. 
The pow’r of sin is crumbling fast,
As we are freed from prisons past. 
In darkness, cold, our hearts knew pain,
Forever deep, the crimson stain. 
But kingdoms fall, our fears release. 
For, You have come, O Child of Peace. 

O, Newborn Gift, the Father’s Son, 
Your presence here enfolds us, one.
Together, bound, we share the joy
You bring to earth as one, small boy.
For, since in love you’ll grow to be
Your Father’s Lamb because of me,
Your mercy rich will make me new:
A son of God because of You.

From star to star in heaven’s space 
A song rings out: a song of grace. 
Your music starts where sin begins.
It wakes the dead and never ends.
Our silent lives have never heard 
Until tonight this healing Word.  
O, may this music never cease!
Sing on, O Son, my Prince of Peace.

* To the tune, BANIAS, LMD

Promises kept. 

Solo songs celebrating the demise of the long, Dark Silence.

Fog-white greetings laughing through the fading threats of thinning ice.

Sunrises lingering now to revel and rejoice, 

Renew and restore,

Summoning the stories archived and buried carefully for future readings:

        Delivery on promises vowed at the slow closing of Autumn’s eyes.

        Spring: “It is time.”

Twilight wind.

Winter speaks to the haunting side of man
And knows the things that draw him up to fire:

   The brown and gray of sunless days, 
   The snow that snows, and snows and stays,
   The thousand, different, lonely ways 
   Its twilight wind can whisper. 

And those around these places bright with light
Renew themselves in mind and spirit, deep:

   With limb and sap (the snapping blaze),
   To mock the snow that snows and stays, 
   And count a thousand, different, lonely ways 
   The twilight wind can whisper. 

Winter speaks to the haunting side of man 
And knows these things.