About SmoothStones

The shepherd-king, David, was on to something….something that he learned early in his life, and it shaped his thinking and his actions for a long time.

He wasn’t perfect with it, but it mattered to him: he knew where the epicenter of his life was found….where he “lived.”

It was in a personal dependence on God’s love and power.

Through a personal relationship with God, David learned how to trust, take risks, wait, run, fight, love, weep, forgive, show mercy, repent and worship.

He learned how to be David, the shepherd-king.

That’s why, when it counted most and he faced Goliath, the Philistine giant, in battle, instead of listening to the hype of culture and the “approach du jour,” he turned to his life’s training to meet the challenge in partnership with a personal, very real and ever-present God.

He acted as he had been trained and trusted God for the outcomes.

So, from a nearby brook, he searched for and found five smooth stones for his sling.

It took only one.

What do you reach for when you are in trouble?

My hope is that as you read through these pages, you may find some life-tested ideas from the Scripture for which you may reach and consider, discuss and adopt as weapons against the giants in your life.

The Quarry is the collection of the things I am learning along the way, things others have taught me. Each of the posts is based on at least one. Perhaps they’ll help you, too.

These are leadings from the Holy Spirit that are helping me to know Jesus, the One who is calling us out of the darkness and into His amazing light. (1 Peter 2:9)

For the battles that rage, these are smooth stones.

Let’s go.